Some PostScript files

PostScript is a nice programming language. Here is some files I've made. Just for fun. Use if you like, but don't steal.

360 degrees

Draws to center of A4 paper circle with marks one-degree intervals. Relies totally on PS interpreter to calculate angles. Each angle is done individually from the beginning so there should not be any rounding errors as possible in incremental rotation.

It is available in several flavors:


A small program, written in perl typesets text with selected font and size emulating old mechanical typewriter. There are some suggestions for improvements: You can find the program and an example: the program listing produced with following parameters:
txttype Courier 10 0.1 0.05 0.01 0.01 txttype >

Mandelbrot set

This little program (1,143 bytes) calculates Mandelbrot set with PostScript engine. It's a good benchmark for raw processing speed of printer CPU.

On old Apple LaserWriter it took about 24 hours to print one page; ghostscript on Sun Ultra 10 spent less than 5 minutes.

This version is negative of one above; saves quite much ink.

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