How I got into it

Katri's parents were sailing as she was a child. They get later into other hobbies, but Katri wanted to sail. She managed to talk me to a sailing course (one of those primary cources on which you learn to be member of crew). Few weeks later we bought a small sailing boat Poni.

For two summers (1996 & 1997), we sailed with she until we wanted something more: more space for to be able make longer voyages. And we have now to childs.

Autumn 1997 we bought an larger boat, "Alina" Jasmine 25 by Nykra. No photos so far of she as the only trip so far was from Turku to Perniö. With wind speed 17 m/s and more there was enought speed to get first feelings. She is a solid boat, build 1973 for quater-ton IOR class.

Some stuff here

I've marked some routes and route points I have used or am going to use. No guarantees given about accuracy, however.
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